700 S. Thompson Ave, Lecanto FL 34461

235/80R16 (G-Rated) 16″ Radial Trailer Tire + 8 Lug Black Spoke Rim

  • 8 on 6.5″ Lug Bolt Pattern
  • Load Range G
  • Max capacity 4,080 lbs
  • 14 ply
  • Includes FREE 1-year limited warranty and 4 years of roadside assistance!

Retail: $299.99

Price subject to change at any time. **Ask about bulk/pallet pricing!**

Radial Tires:

  • Best for long distances
  • Lower rolling resistance, higher usage mileage
  • Sidewall plys have woven threads at 90° angle to the pavement and axis of rotation
  • Steel-belted

Bias Tires:

  • Best for heavier, shorter hauls
  • Higher rolling resistance, lower usage mileage
  • Sidewall plys are at 30-45° angle to the pavement and axis of rotation
  • Nylon-belted
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